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Welcome to the New York City Alumni Club of Sigma Pi
Fraternity International. In October of 2010, several Sigma Pi Alumni joined together to form a Nationally recognized alumni club that would be based in the financial capital of the world. The goal was to unite over 4,000 Sigma Pi alumni that are located in that area. The networking power of these alumni is incredibly strong, as our members work for some of the largest companies in the world. Our monthly social events and networking events allow for easy interaction between members of every chapter, and it provides a convenient forum for new Sigma Pi graduates to get the jobs they are seeking.
Feel free to register in the top right corner to upload your resume or to post available jobs in your company. It's all FREE. Don't forget to browse our upcoming events and also join our alumni club on the join page.
"I am writing to you today to give thanks and share my experiences with the NYC Sigma Pi Alumni Club and the help they gave me in finding an internship for the summer going into my Senior year of college. I met with the alumni club in the Spring and discussed my long term goals and the necessary steps I would need to make in order to achieve them. The alumni in the club reached out for me and found a full time internship in my desired field. I cannot put into words how thankful I am to receive this kind of help and guidance. Coming from an active member that has given everything he can to his chapter, it is nice to know there is a group willing to work just as hard for you."
- Matt Thornber      
"I just wanted to thank the many members of the New York City Alumni Club for your constant support throughout my search for an internship this summer. Before reaching out to your alumni, I struggled to find promising for work this summer. Within days of contacting the NYC Alumni Club, I had multiple channels to choose from. I am now a marketing intern for Bethpage Federal Credit Union, and without the help of Michael Ayalon as well as other alumni of this Sigma Pi Alumni Club, I do not know if I would have found another desirable opportunity. Thanks to everyone!"
- Matt Farra           
"Using the New York City Sigma Pi Alumni Club as one of my closest assets during my job search paid off. One of its members helped me receive a position at Cornell University that matched the experiences that I had during my undergraduate studies at Hofstra University perfectly. I already made some great connections with my new position and plan on pursuing graduate school at Cornell to study communications in the Spring. I'm truly grateful that this position was offered to me and I know I couldn't have gotten this far without the help of the New York City Alumni Club of Sigma Pi."
- Jonathan Morello  
Upcoming Events
Yankees/Mets Baseball Game
Co-Ed Softball in Central Park for ASPCA
Why should I join?
1. Network with a large group of brothers to get higher paying jobs/new clients/new vendors
2. New social events every month
3. A foundation of successful NYC alumni gives the actives a major competitive advantage over other fraternities
4. Voting power as a group at national convocations
5. Allows you to continue to participate in local philanthropic events, even after college
6. Special discounts (and free lodging) at group travel events (Vermont, Ocean City, and more!)
We look forward to seeing YOU at our next event!
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